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Telescopic belt type mobile conveyor

Telescopic belt type mobile conveyor

Publish date:2018-03-02 Views:291


Anhui Yunlong Group Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of telescopic belt type mobile conveyors in the country. This type of conveyor has won a number of national invention patents and is one of the most trusted products of China National Grain Storage Corporation. It has been highly praised by customers after use. The company has been ranked among the top five national sales for five consecutive years. Because of the company's perfect after-sales service system, it has been able to provide prompt and prompt after-sales services to customers throughout the country.

product description:

Telescopic belt type mobile conveyor is mainly used for conveying, loading and unloading of bulk grain, grain or small grain materials. The main body is composed of a main frame and a telescopic frame, and it is divided into two types of high transportation and horizontal transportation. The ascending and contracting conveyor has automatic lifting, front and rear telescopic functions, reasonable structure, stable and reliable, beautiful and practical, easy to move, and more than one machine.

Product main features:

The machine has the functions of transporting bulk grain or grain, electric lifting, and telescopic functions, and can be installed and installed with a raft device and a grain-raising device.

Product advantages:

1. The motors are all well-known manufacturers. It is also possible to configure the diesel engine as a power source while operating away from the power supply.

2. Self-produced conveyor belt, equipped with domestic production lines, rubber for the southern natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, and high-density EP cloth, using advanced production technology to make the conveyor belt wear-resistant , Heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics; Yunlong brand conveyor belt tensile strength of not less than 15Mpa, breaking elongation of not less than 350%, greatly improving the life of the belt.

3. The equipment adopts rubber-free walking wheels that are wear-resistant and have a long life.

4, self-produced high-strength galvanized roller to ensure high quality and long life.

5, steel using high strength, high tensile steel.

6, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

Product model and technical parameters:

Model: YL-ssj series

Conveyor belt width: 500mm, 550mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm (conveyor belt width can be customized according to customer requirements)

Conveyor length: 12(8+4)m, 15(10+5)m, 16(10+6)m, 18(10+8)m, 18(12+6)m, 20(12+8) m, 22(14+8)m(conveyor length can be customized according to customer's requirements)

Telescopic length:0-8m

Conveyor height: 3.0-7.0m

Delivery volume: Bao food 480 packets/h, bulk food 50-/150t/h

Supporting power

Transmission power: 2.2kw/3.0kw/4.0kw/5.5kw/7.5kw

Telescopic power: 1.5-3kw

Lifting power: 1.5-3kw