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My company holds the 2017 annual summary commendation meeting

My company holds the 2017 annual summary commendation meeting

Publish date:2018-03-05 Views:561

February 19, 2018, Lunar New Year, Lunar New Year, is another good day. On this occasion, Anhui Yunlong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. held a grand gathering in the banquet hall on the second floor of Jinhua Hotel to hold a 2017 sales summary and commemoration of the employees' party. It summarized the past, commended the advanced, looked forward to the future, and sought common development. Together, we will pool our strong power to do a good job of all tasks for 2018 and continue to promote Yunlong's rapid and efficient development to lay a good foundation.

At the meeting, General Manager Cao Pengfei made a work report on behalf of Yunlong Company. The report mainly consists of two parts:

I. Review of work in 2017

2017 is a year of fruitful results. Under the background of the country’s transformation and upgrading and the slowdown in the growth rate of development, all Yunlong people are indomitable in struggle, pioneering and innovative, solid and hardworking, and forge ahead in unity. In 2017, Yunlong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable sales performance; technological innovation has achieved great results. Once again, it won the third prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2017 and participated in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest. It entered the finals and won the Excellence Award. Each department has been able to fully and effectively accomplish various tasks throughout the year.

The reason why we achieved good results in 2017 is that we have a stable and excellent marketing team. During this year, a group of business elites emerged and deserved our recognition and commendation: the Beijing-Tianjin-Yunnan region under the deputy head of Yingchun University, the Heilongjiang region under the leadership of Ma Yujie and the Shandong region under the management of Cao Hongzhong, and Feng Feng. Liang Guan is responsible for the Guangdong region and has achieved very good sales performance.

In 2017, the company produced more than 20,000 sets of various types of grain machines (sets), the product won the quality award of the mayor of Xiangyang City, was approved to establish "postdoctoral scientific research station", applied for 25 patented technologies, and 4 provincial-level new products.

In 2017, the company's project construction made new progress. The first major equipment project in Anhui Province, “Multi-function Snow-clearing and Iced Start-up Machine” and the general transfer payment project in Anhui Province, “Study on Key Technologies for Industrialization of Grain Energy-efficient Drying Technology and Equipment” have been successfully accepted. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China has implemented a new smart manufacturing model application project in 2016: the new grain storage agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing digital workshop has been successfully implemented. The major scientific and technological projects of Anhui Province: The modern R&D and industrialization of complete sets of equipment for high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly entry and exit of granaries have achieved remarkable results.

II. Work Arrangements and Prospects for 2018

The construction of the new factory area is an important task in 2018. It is highly concerned and valued by the main leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government. It plans to complete and put into production by the end of 2018. The intelligent manufacturing digital workshop project carries out equipment installation, installs MES operating system, and realizes automatic production of products.

The development of new products will be another focus of Yunlong's work in 2018. We will develop new types of grain clearance equipment, warehouse environmental protection equipment, and intelligent grain storage systems to enhance our products' automation capabilities. Encourage all staff to innovate, introduce competition mechanisms, and participate in full participation.

At the meeting, commendation and awards were given to advanced units and advanced individuals who had achieved excellent results in 2017, and a staff gathering was held.