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Mobile multifunctional scraper hulling machine

Mobile multifunctional scraper hulling machine

Publish date:2018-03-02 Views:289

The mobile multifunctional scraper huller machine produced and sold by Anhui Yunlong Group Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new type of multi-functional huller machine developed by our company according to market demand, which gathers bulk grain, opens up the warehouse, removes warehouses, and warehouses. Pouching is a whole; it has the characteristics of novel design, reasonable structure, light weight, convenient use, high efficiency, etc. It is well received by users when it is introduced into the market.

product description:

The machine is applicable to the national grain reserves, local large and small grain stations (areas) and grain and oil processing enterprises. The delivery of bulk grain can be carried out within 180 degrees, and it can be used together with the conveyor to carry out bulk grain transportation, stacking, dumping, and sun drying. It is an ideal type of equipment with good performance and high yield. .

Product main features:

The machine is composed of a scraper grain harvester, a conveying mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a rotary discharge system, a dust removal system, an electric walking device and an electronic control system. This machine is suitable for food storage and processing enterprises. It can cooperate with conveyors to carry out bulk grain transportation, stacking, overturning, dumping, and sun drying. It is a new generation of grain storage equipment with good performance and high output. The local dust removal system increases the safety of workers in clean production and reduces labor intensity.

Product advantages:

1. The machine rotates the discharge pipe to enlarge the transmission range and reduce the number of subsequent equipment movements.

2. The diesel engine can be configured as a power source under conditions far away from the power supply.

3. The equipment adopts rubber-free walking wheels that are wear-resistant and have a long life.

4. The overall protection level reaches IP54, which meets the dustproof and explosion-proof requirements for food equipment warehouse operations.

5, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

6. The guillotine scraper is equipped with a wear-resistant structure to extend the service life.

Product model and technical parameters:

Delivery: 3kw

Silicon Valley: 2.2kw

Lifting: 0.25kw

Walking: 1.5kw

Dust removal fan: 0.55kw

Transmission bandwidth: 380/500mm

Silicon Valley processing capacity: 50t/h