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Sampler - Sampler

Sampler - Sampler

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What is the prototype? 扦Mockup pictures? Food Sampler

The prototype is a new type of sampler developed by our company. It is suitable for automatic food sample sampling equipment in the form of truck-mounted grain packages, bulk grain-free trailers and the like. The whole material system has good rigidity, high degree of automation, remote control, and easy maintenance. The use of electric friction lift, stable and reliable performance, single operation can be, reducing human resources.

Prototype working principle

1. The rotation of the rotating arm drives the spiral bevel gear to rotate the steering column by the rotating motor, thereby driving the rotating arm to rotate.

2. The forward and backward movement of the sample car is carried by the sample car to move the motor through the wire rope to move the sample car back and forth.

3, the sample rod moves up and down by the sample rod lifting motor through the wire rope to drive the sample rod up and down.

4, sample-like process

When the sample is selected, start the micro-suction device and start the sample lift motor and press the down button. When the sample rod is inserted into the grain, the micro-suction device causes the suction tube and the sample rod to form a certain negative pressure. At this time, the food enters the micro-suction device through the suction tube through the suction tube, and the sample is completed. operation. The depth of the sample bar inserted into the grain can be adjusted according to the height of the bottom plate of the vehicle car, and the minimum limit switch of the sample bar is adjusted. Avoid dropping the sample lever over the floor of the car and damaging the sample bar.


The types of prototypes are divided into single-pole prototypes and multi-barrel prototypes. Among them, the single-rod prototype is also called a brazing prototype, a fixed prototype, an automatic prototype, a grain prototype, and a sampler.

扦 Prototypes are called: 扦 sample, food 扦 prototypes, fixed food 扦 prototypes, automatic 扦 prototypes, automatic food 扦 prototypes, automatic 扦 prototypes, 扦 samplers, 钎 样 prototypes, fixed grain automatic 扦 prototypes.

扦Model and parameters of prototype

扦 prototype model: YL-A prototype, YL-01 prototype

扦Molding parameters: 1. Rotating arm length (along the X-axis) 5000mm (can be made according to user requirements)

2. Long sample bar (along the Z axis) 4500mm (can be made according to user requirements)

3, swing angle 0 ~ 270 °

4, remote control switch control board power supply 380V

5, remote control battery model 9 volt battery

6, rotary motor 380V 0.55kw

7. Sample car mobile motor 380V 0.75kw

8. Sample Lifting and Lifting Motor 380V 0.55kw

9, the main column lift hydraulic motor 380V 3kw

10, suction food machine 380V 2.2kw

Domestic prototype production and sales

Anhui Yunlong Food Machine Anhui Jieshou Yunlong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. Jieshou Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

The Jieshou City, Anhui Province, is a centralized production area for grain storage machinery in China. The prototypes, belt conveyors, conveyor belts, steering conveyors, binning machines and grain cleaning machines produced and sold by Anhui Jieshou Grain Machinery are of reliable quality and have been obtained in China. A very high market share.

Which brand of prototype is better?

Anhui Jieshou Yunlong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been selling grain smashing prototypes since 2004, and has obtained 扦 prototype prototype patents. Currently, the products have been sold to all parts of the country, and the national sales volume has been ahead of the market for 10 consecutive years. The Yunlong brand 扦 prototypes are characterized by high quality and speed. After-sales service has won the trust of more and more customers.

扦Machine use and maintenance and maintenance

1, manual control operation

(1) Turn on the power.

(2) Start the micro-suction device

(3) button operation, the sample bar on the table top lift, the sample car before and after the movement, the steering arm rotation left and right button operations.

2, remote operation. When the operator is away from the console, the remote controller can be used to operate the sample bar, the movement of the sample car, and the rotation of the steering arm.

3, maintenance

A. When the steel wire rope is used for a long time, it will be stretched and must be tightened.

B. The internal filter of the micro-suction device must be cleaned after every 50 cars.

C. Always check if the suction tube is worn and leaking. Replace it promptly.

D. After the sample is completed, put the sample bar at the lowest position, move the car near the column, and place the rotating arm above the non-channel.

E. During use, periodically check whether the connection points of the electronic control circuit are loose or loose. Excluded.