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CCTV 10 sets of I love to invent the 20160225 issue of “turning up the warehouse soon”

CCTV 10 sets of I love to invent the 20160225 issue of “turning up the warehouse soon”

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February 25 broadcast at 18:54 I love to invent the 20160225 issue of "turning over the warehouse soon." Faced with food, it is both time consuming and tiring, and the effect is not good either. In order to solve these problems, Cao Yunfei, the first in Anhui Province, invented a grain turning machine that not only exceeded the speed in terms of speed and quality, but also could easily turn over the positions.

In the season of food harvest, farmers' friends will send their own harvested grain to the grain depot. However, grain storage needs to be aired regularly, and several warehouses are thrown back and forth to facilitate long-term preservation and large amounts of manpower. Labor force. Cao Yunfei, an inventor from Anhui's Jieshou, whose father used to be an ordinary worker in a grain store, has worked so hard for most of his life. Watching his father’s hard work, he decided to develop a system that could replace artificial labor. The warehouse machine, after three generations of improvements, has finally successfully developed a fully automated robot for overcrowding. As long as one person can remotely control the food, it can easily complete the work of turning up the food.

Inventor: Cao Yunfei and Turnover Machine Manufacturer Contact: 15856788969

Turnover machine manufacturer: Anhui Jieshou Yunlong Food Machinery

The detailed introduction and technical parameters

YL1000 type turning machine manual

I. Product Overview

YL1000 type turn-up machine is a new-type grain storage machine independently researched and developed by our company according to the needs of the market and the actual application of the grain storage department. It is mainly applied to the loosening of grain and grain in warehouses, improving the ventilation and cooling, uniformity of precipitation and other warehousing operations, and is an urgent need for the warehouse warehousing equipment for the grain storage department.

Second, the product structure

The machine is mainly composed of a balance plate, a drive motor and an auger. The drive motor is placed on the top of the balance plate. The auger is connected with the drive motor through the balance plate. Symmetrically installed on both sides of the top of the balancing disk is an adjustment board, which is controlled by a separate motor to control the direction of turning and turning.

The work walking and steering of the whole machine are controlled by a remote controller to realize automatic operation. It can detect the temperature of grain in the warehouse, the current and voltage of the main motor in real time.

Turn over the machine structure diagram

1. Handle 2. Balance plate 3. Adjustment board 4. Board motor 5. Drive motor

6. Multi-machine connection tube 7. Row grain mouth 8. Electric control box 9. Manual handle 10. Screw conveyor

Third, the performance parameters

1. Motor power: 4kw;

2. Walking speed: 1.5m/min;

3. Turnover depth: 2m;

4. Turnover width: 1m.

5. Dimensions: 1m×1m×0.8m

6. Turnover efficiency: 2 square meters/minute

Fourth, the use of methods and working principle

First, put the whole machine and components on the surface of the grain storey, place the drive motor in a horizontal position to ensure that the row of grain outlets is facing downward. At this time, connect the screw conveyor end with the drive motor and tighten it. Turn on the external power supply and stand at the motor end to observe the screw conveyor clockwise. Then, pull up the manual handle 9 so that the screw conveyor is slowly inserted into the grain layer until there is a tendency to automatically insert it downwards, and the manual handle 9 can be released to operate the remote controller. When the balance disk is almost close to the horizontal position, the whole machine starts to walk. During normal walking, the left and right boards all rise to the highest point. When it is necessary to turn to the left, the remote board on the left side will turn downwards, and when it is turned to the desired position, it will raise the left board and turn to the right side for the same reason.

When the work is completed, when it is necessary to stop the machine, do not cut off the power supply first, then step on the top panel of the row of grain outlets, and use the handle 9 and the pull handle 1 together until the feeder is completely lifted and the power is cut off. When you need to transfer the warehouse, separate the screw conveyor and the drive motor with a special tool.

The principle is as follows: The rear side of the balance plate has a row of grain openings. Under the action of the driving motor, grain is transported from the deep layer of grain layer to the row grain port through the screw conveyor, and at the same time, it generates forward thrust and drives the turn-up machine. While the conveyor conveys grain upwards, grain inside the grain layer is convective at the moment, which can not only loosen the surface of the surface, but also improve the ventilation effect. In particular, the gradient of water near the grain surface changes more significantly. Balanced disk is also equipped with multi-machine connection tube, which can realize the combination of multiple devices.

Fifth, repair and maintenance

1, before use to check whether the fasteners are solid, if loose, tighten.

2. An abnormality occurs in the work. Immediately stop and check.

3, after starting the machine do not rush to work, wait until everything is normal before you can work.

4. The operator must not leave the site during the work process.

5. When the machine is not used for a long time, clean it in a ventilated and dry place.

6, replace the bearing grease after 1000 hours of work.

Sixth, after-sales service commitment

Thank you for purchasing our company Yunlong product!

Our company is certified by ISO9001:2000 international quality system. Yunlong Brand has been awarded the “China Famous Brand”. It is one of the designated manufacturers of grain storage machinery in China. It has a certain scale of provincial star enterprises and is also 100 billion jin. One of the first-class and second-class equipment winning bids for the National Grain Reserve Construction Project has a perfect after-sales service system and is well received by domestic users.

We are committed to answering the buyer's questions at any time during the operation of the company's equipment. After determining the equipment failure, the company's after-sales service personnel will be able to reach the user's site within 24 hours with the out-of-service ticket. After on-site inspection, we will reply to the cause of the failure and carry out repairs in a timely manner until the user is satisfied, and ask the user to issue an opinion. The company will follow-up and verify the service results of its outbound service.

We promise to charge only the cost below the market price for the repair cost during the warranty period, and promise to provide life-long maintenance and ensure the supply of spare parts.

User notes:

1. After the equipment fails, you are requested to report the details of the contact details and equipment failure.

2. After receiving the notification of equipment failure repair, the company dispatches maintenance personnel to the site to check the fault condition. After the maintenance is completed, fill in the maintenance records and sign the user's seal.

3, the user is required to operate in accordance with the product specification and maintenance procedures, if the damage caused due to force majeure, the factory will not be free maintenance.

4. In order to be responsible to the user, if the main components of the purchased equipment are damaged, please clearly describe the details in the call letter so that we can serve you in a timely and accurate manner.

5, the need to purchase spare parts, please specify the name, model and number of mail order, and write your detailed address, so that we can serve you accurately.

Anhui Jieshou Yunlong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

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