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Screw dust loading conveyor

Screw dust loading conveyor

Publish date:2018-03-03 Views:440

Yunlong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. produces and sells screw type dedusting and loading conveyors with stable performance. It has been the successful product of the National Grain Administration and China National Grain Storage Corporation for many years, and it has achieved commendable sales nationwide and has won praise from users. Yunlong has established a complete after-sales service system throughout the country, enabling users to better experience one-stop intimate after-sales service.

product description:

The screw type dedusting loading conveyor adopts spiral propulsion to complete the conveying, and the head is equipped with a set of hopper hoppers, which can carry out the bundling of the materials conveyed to the terminal to achieve a multi-purpose use of the machine. When it is not necessary to install the package, it can be filled. The hopper is unloaded when the conveyor is used. The machine can transport particles, powder and other materials. Particularly suitable for food, nuts and other transportation and filling.

Working principle and structural features:

The motor drives the speed reducer's driven shaft to rotate through the reducer's drive shaft. At this moment, the screw shaft is toggled, and under the action of the screw propelling force, the material is quickly moved forward to achieve the purpose of transportation.

It consists of a power motor, a reducer, a screw blade, a casing, an exhaust fan, and a pipeline.

There is a walking wheel under the main machine, which is flexible in movement and convenient to transfer. The connection angle between the walking wheel and the host can be adjusted so that the spiral conveying can be conveyed at a certain angle and can be used with other grain machines for up to one-stop operation. At the same time, an exhaust fan is installed above the casing to remove impurities and dust from the grain through the pipe above the conveyor terminal, which reduces the impurity content of the grain and improves the air in the working environment. (Note: Do not use suction fan when conveying powdered material)

Product advantages:

1. The motors are all well-known manufacturers. It is also possible to configure the diesel engine as a power source while operating away from the power supply.

2. The spiral conveying scraper is made of integrated CNC machine tools and is solid and durable.

3. The equipment adopts rubber-free walking wheels that are wear-resistant and have a long life.

4, screw auger after a special grinding process, the process will not scrape the material.

5, the fan is equipped with a heat sink, continuous operation in high temperature weather.

6, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

Product model and technical parameters:

Model: YL-ssj series

Conveying loading capacity: 20t/h

Supporting power

Transmission power: 4kw

Fan: 0.55kw

Dimensions: (length × width × height) 5100 × 1000 × 2000