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Mini hulling machine

Publish date:2018-03-03 Views:455

The Yunhe Group's miniature grain filling machine is a new type of grain filling machine based on market demand. It has a novel design, reasonable structure, light weight, easy to use and high efficiency. The launch of the market is well received by users.

product description:

Mini-hogging machine is a kind of bulk grain grabbing equipment, which is suitable for large and medium-sized grain storage center small grain stations and individual industrial and commercial households for grain picking and bundling operations, or supporting the use of other transport machinery to form assembly line operations.

Product main features:

The miniature hulling machine is a mobile lightweight huller designed according to different working environments and processing requirements. The hushing part can be rotated 360 degrees to facilitate the expansion of the work area; When the field is not used with an external power supply, due to its small size and light weight, the lifting and lowering of the front arm can be achieved by manually winding the wire rope.

Product advantages:

1. The motors are all well-known manufacturers. It is also possible to configure the diesel engine as a power source while operating away from the power supply.

2. The equipment adopts a rubber-free walking wheel, which is wear-resistant and has a long life.

3, steel using high strength, high tensile steel.

4, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

5. The guillotine scraper is equipped with a wear-resistant structure to extend its service life.

Product model and technical parameters:

1, motor power 4kw

2, conveyor chain pitch P = 40mm

3, drive sprocket teeth Z=9

4, motor pulley φ=100 two slots B type

5. Shigu spindle pulley φ=340 two slots B type

6, the working voltage 380V (± 7%)

7, drive sprocket speed 415 rev / min

8, Kariya chain line speed 2.5m/s

9. Silicon Valley processing capacity 40t/h