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Silicon Valley Loader

Silicon Valley Loader

Publish date:2018-03-03 Views:459

The Anhui Valley Yunlong Group Food Machinery Co., Ltd. produces and sells the Silicon Valley Loader. It is a new type of multi-functional starting machinery developed by our company according to market demand. It integrates bulk grain, grain collection, loading and loading into a whole. It has a novel design and a reasonable structure. , Easy to use, high efficiency, a market has been praised by users, all provinces have built after-sales service network, timely service.

product description:

The Kariya loader adopts the principle of chain conveying and high speed throwing to send grain to a designated place or vehicle; both sides of the double-wing chain scraper device greatly increase the width of the grain and ensure the continuous operation of the machine. Efficiency; high-speed grain throwing core is composed of high-speed convex belts, belt rollers, and guide cylinders, which can complete loading operations with different angles, directions, and distances.

Product main features:

This machine is composed of a scraper grain harvesting organization, a conveying mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a rotary discharge system, a dust removal system, a transport structure of a grain throwing loader, an electric walking device and an electronic control system. Both sides of the double-wing chain squeegee scraper device greatly increase the valley collection width; equipped with a steering wheel walking mechanism, can achieve rapid and convenient movement, a wider range of operations.

Product advantages:

1. The "T"-shaped compound chain scraper stow structure is used for stolen goods.

2. The multifunctional grain starting machine adopts hydraulic driving to walk

3, both sides of the two-wing chain scraper device, greatly increased the width of the valley collection.

4. The diesel engine can be used as a power source to operate under conditions far away from the power supply.

5, the use of inflatable car tires can be quickly walked long distances.

6. The overall protection level reaches IP54, which meets the dustproof and explosion-proof requirements for food equipment warehouse operations.

7, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

8, Kariya scraper installed wear-resistant structure, extending service life.

Product model and technical parameters:

Processing capacity: 100-150t/h

Transmission power: 5.5kw

Scoop power: 2×1.1/1×5.5kw

Hydraulic power: 4kw

Grain width: 4800mm

Conveyor belt width: 650mm