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Road from the grain machine

Road from the grain machine

Publish date:2018-03-03 Views:503

The Yunlong Group Food Machinery Co., Ltd., Anhui Province, produces and sells road-to-grain harvesters that are based on market demand, researching and developing a new type of multi-functional grain-taking machine, integrating bulk grain, grain collection, loading and loading into a whole. It has a novel design and a reasonable structure. , Easy to use, high efficiency, a market has been praised by users, all provinces have built after-sales service network, timely service.

product description:

The road grain feeder adopts a diesel tractor as a power source and a walking chassis. The diesel engine power is used as a hydraulic system power, and then the hydraulic pressure is converted into a mechanical force output to drive the organizing component to obtain grain; the machine has no external power supply and can realize field operations. The grain production can be carried out on a large area of drying yard and road grain.

Product main features:

Using diesel tractor as the power source and walking chassis, the walking operation is quicker and more convenient. It can start grain loading in large area; the aggregate screw propelling device has obvious effect of grain squeezing; it can adjust the angle of the ground of the transportation box and realize Grain delivery loading function.

Product advantages:

1. The diesel tractor is used as a power source and a walking chassis. The walking operation is quicker and more convenient, and it can be loaded on a large scale in the grain valley.

2, equipped with lighting devices, continuous day and night operations.

3, the conveying part is a closed box structure, which can realize dust-free operation in the conveying process and environmental protection and safety.

4. The diesel engine can be used as a power source under conditions far away from the power supply.

5, the use of inflatable car tires can be quickly walked long distances.

6, equipped with hydraulic lifting device, according to the vehicle height adjustment, convenient grain loading.

7, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

8, Kariya scraper installed wear-resistant structure, extending service life.

Product model and technical parameters:

Processing capacity: 100 cubic meters/hour

Hydraulic power: 4kw

Conveying angle: 30-60 degrees

Loading height: 4.3 meters

Tractor power: 14.7kw

Hydraulic tank volume: 120L