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Tractor Reaching Valley Loader

Tractor Reaching Valley Loader

Publish date:2018-03-03 Views:571

The tractor-reclaimed grain loader produced and sold by Anhui Yunlong Group Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new type of multifunctional reclaiming and loading machine developed by our company according to market demand. It features novel design, reasonable structure, convenient use and high efficiency. The launch of the market is well received by users. The sales volume of mobile horizontal conveyors has been rising year after year, surpassing other domestic manufacturers, and the company has established sales branches and after-sales service outlets in all provinces of the country to better serve the nation's users.

product description:

The reclaimer on the tractor-reclaimer loader is an auxiliary device installed on the tractor for starting, stacking, gathering, and loading the grain. This machine is composed of aggregate screw propelling device and collecting grain chain scraper device. The power source of the machine comes from the power output shaft of the tractor. The propeller shaft and the steering device simultaneously drive the aggregate screw propelling device and the gathering grain chain scraper device. The aggregate screw propelling device feeds the site materials to the Suigu chain scraper device, which picks up the materials, piles them up, picks them up to the middle, and completes the grain gathering operation.

Product main features:

Using diesel tractor as the power source and walking chassis, the walking operation is quicker and more convenient. It can start grain loading in large area; the aggregate screw propelling device has obvious effect of grain squeezing; it can adjust the angle of the ground of the transportation box and realize Grain delivery loading function.

Product advantages:

1. The diesel tractor is used as a power source and a walking chassis. The walking operation is quicker and more convenient, and it can be loaded on a large scale in the grain valley.

2, equipped with lighting devices, continuous day and night operations.

3、Rangu loading part is in the rear part of the tractor, it can be moved from different angles to facilitate operation.

4. The diesel engine can be used as a power source under conditions far away from the power supply.

5, the use of inflatable car tires can be quickly walked long distances.

6, equipped with hydraulic lifting device, according to the vehicle height adjustment, convenient grain loading.

7, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

8, Kariya scraper installed wear-resistant structure, extending service life.

Product model and technical parameters:

Tractor Configuration: Type 80

Stacking efficiency: 40-100t/h

Rough width: 2m

The valley height: 4m