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Container filling machine

Container filling machine

Publish date:2018-03-03 Views:551

The container filling machine manufactured and sold by Anhui Yunlong Group Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a product that our company has invested millions of dollars in one year focusing on R&D and production. It has been sold to Jiangsu, Anhui, and other provinces, and has achieved unanimous praise from users. Since the start of production, the amount of consultation and sales volume has continuously risen. This product is still the first case in domestic production and represents Yunlong’s strong research and development capabilities. This product has also applied for national invention patents; Yunlong Group invests 3%-7% of its annual sales. China's excellent standards for upgrading products; adding 10 to 50 after-sales service liaison stations nationwide each year to serve the nation's users more meticulously; Yunlong Group Lifting Machinery Company is committed to becoming a professional heavyweight in Anhui Province Machinery manufacturers, to make greater contributions to related industries. Yunlong dream, Chinese dream!

product description:

The container filling machine is suitable for bulk filling operations of vehicle-mounted containers. After the container vehicle is parked in the designated working area of the machine, the single operation can lift the container from the vehicle and translate it away from the vehicle. After the container door is turned upside down by 90 degrees, the container can be filled and loaded. When it is full, close the box door and flip the container flat on the vehicle to complete the filling operation. The entire process does not need to move.

Product advantages:

1. Fully automatic operating system, single person can operate the whole process of operation, save manpower, and be safe and reliable.

2. The container can be turned upside down by 90 degrees and loaded into the material to make the container full, without wasting space and high loading efficiency.

3. When the material is unloaded, the container can be flipped freely and positioned, and the size of the door can be controlled automatically to achieve quick and safe unloading of the material.

4. The vertical shaft has a hydraulic lifting function, which can make the equipment as a whole off the ground. It is flexible and convenient to use the container itself to move freely.

5. The electric control box is designed as a double-layer steel door sealing structure with an overload protection device and a phase protection device. The well-known or jointly-branded electrical components and hydraulic cylinders are used. The external cable uses a special waterproof and dustproof power supply quick connector. Easy to maintain and reduce electrical maintenance.

6. Reinforced racks are all made of high strength steel plates welded by welders. High quality continuous welds.

Product parameters:

Scope of application: International standard 20-foot container container

Control method: full hydraulic operation

Filling volume: 230L

Hydraulic pump station power: 18.5kw

Dimensions: 8950×6050×5200