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Mobile vehicle bulk grain side unloader

Mobile vehicle bulk grain side unloader

Publish date:2018-03-03 Views:532

The Yunlong Group Food Machinery Co., Ltd., Anhui Province, is one of the company's flagship products for the production and sale of mobile bulk truck side unloaders. It has been ranked among the best in China for many consecutive years and is currently sold to Africa, Southeast Asia, etc., and has achieved widespread acclaim locally; Yunlong Group invests 3%-7% of its sales each year to upgrade China's products to quality standards. It annually adds 10 to 50 after-sales service liaison stations nationwide to serve its customers more meticulously; Yunlong Group The Grain Machinery Company is committed to becoming a world-renowned food storage machinery manufacturer such as excellent conveying equipment, cleaning equipment, grain storage and grain preservation equipment, and making greater contributions to the world's grain storage security. Yunlong dream, Chinese dream!

product description:

The mobile vehicle bulk grain side unloader is a new type of bulk unloading equipment designed and developed to meet the side unloading of different transportation tools. The equipment is mainly composed of three parts, a walking chassis, a lifting rotating column, and a scraper unloading part. The machine is flexible and convenient to move, can automatically lift, rotate and expand and contract, can achieve different positions and angles of unloading operations; greatly reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of unloading grain, and save economic costs.

Product main features:

With hydraulic lifting function, it can carry out unloading operations for containers of different heights; lifting and rotating columns, free rotation, convenient for unloading food; equipped with a walking chassis, steering wheel steering control system, can be operated, easy to move, fast operation; With telescopic drive, it can be retracted to the bottom of the car, stretching range from 1 to 4 meters.

Product advantages:

1. With hydraulic lifting function, it can unload food containers with different heights.

2. Reinforced squeegee unloading device, scraping and scraping the food board to improve the life of the squeegee to prevent scratching the food.

3. The chain scraper conveying device has been subjected to wear-resistance treatment and continuous fatigue test to improve the operation stability.

4. The electric control box is designed as a double-layer steel door sealing structure with an overload protection device and a phase protection device. It adopts domestically-renowned or joint-brand electric components. The external cable uses a special waterproof and dustproof power supply quick-connect plug for easy maintenance. Reduce electrical maintenance operations.

5. Reinforced racks are all made of high-strength steel plates welded by welders. High-quality continuous welds are used to meet the long-term and large-volume operations of conveyors.

6, welding using CNC machine tools, welding robots and professional welders combined process to ensure the quality of welding.

7, with a driving device, mobile and flexible.

Product model and technical parameters:

Processing capacity: 30-60t/h

Scraper width: 280mm

Expansion range: 1-4m

Lifting range: 1.2-1.8m

Unloading grain drive: 2.2kw

Telescopic drive: 0.55kw

Lifting drive: 2.2kw (hydraulic motor)

Rotary drive: 0.75kw