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The company is located in Jieshou City, known as “Little Shanghai”, and it is a gathering place for domestic grain industry with a registered capital of 51.18 million yuan. The legal representative, Cao Pengfei, is the “Technical Leading Talent in Anhui Province” and the company’s business scope mainly includes grain. The design and manufacture of storage equipment, agricultural machinery, digital intelligent grain storage, intelligent robots, and information system integration are the leading enterprises in the domestic grain storage machinery industry.

The company's existing production base 3, covers an area of 400 acres, the product marketing all over the country, is the Central Reserve Grain Management Corporation grain machine equipment major suppliers, accounting for 60%, "Yunlong" brand "China Famous Brand." The company owns the Anhui Province Grain Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center, the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, and the Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation. It has strong research and development capabilities, has more than 200 patents, and undertakes 9 national and provincial projects. It is the Anhui Province Food Machinery High-Tech Industrial Base. Leading company.

The company has been awarded the honorary title of State-level Contracted and Credit Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, High-tech Enterprise, Innovative Enterprise in Anhui Province, Joint Production and Research Institute Enterprise in Anhui Province, and E-commerce Model Enterprise in Anhui Province. It has provincial-level new products. 13 high-tech products, won the third prize of Anhui Province for scientific and technological progress three times, won the sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industry Finals Excellence Award, play an important influence in the industry. The company is implementing the new application mode of smart manufacturing in the Ministry of Science and Technology, striving to build product quality, expanding the market of Yunlong Food Machinery Products, going out of the country to create a larger market space, working together with all parties to achieve win-win cooperation and create new glories.